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All you need to know about bandeau bikini

All you need to know about bandeau bikini

Swimsuits have become a wardrobe essential in today’s time. Everybody loves to hover around the beach in their swimsuit slowly taking in the atmosphere of the beach, ain’t that right?

But there are multitude of swimsuits to choose from. It often gets perplexed deciding on one of them. Let us sneak into your confusion and ward it off. We shall entertain the idea of bandeau bikini over this post. Go on, follow the trail.

  • The origin
  • Bandeau bikini came into existence as a swimsuit in the 1940’s. However it gained prominence only in the 80’s.
  • Now these bandeau bikini have gone onto become lavish and designer styled one. You won’t find a swimsuit more exotic and attractive than bandeau bikini.
  • The design
  • Bandeau signifies top-wear only. However over time they have turned into two-piece bikini wear that’s lends more comfort.
  • Its top-wear doesn’t feature any shoulder straps. It’s held in place with a drawstring or elastic bands.
  • However exceptions exist, as few of these are equipped with straps to help the wearer pull off the style. Bandeau bikinis offer uniqueness apart from the bold and flaunty looks.
  • Wearing tips
  • These bandeau bikinis have always been bare designed, often minimal than other swimwear.
  • You’d need adequate body structure like smaller busts or trim body to perfect the suit. It’s something not advised for the busty girls. These bandeau bikinis are best worn when they tuck against the bust line.
  • The best bet would be to be confident about yourself. Confidence plays prime factor in pulling-off bandeau bikini with style.

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