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Curve revealing stretch jeans are the modern style checkpoints

Today fashion is not the limit because women are indulging in it. The cupboard of a woman is incomplete without jeans. Yes, this is one of the oldest apparels of the world. Earlier the miners used to wear this fabric because of its rough and tough nature. Later it became a trend and today no human being thinks of getting ...

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The carpenter jeans with that extra space for your profession

The term “Carpenter” in jeans is made to depict a specific type of denims, which have multiple pockets in order to carry tools and others durables. Since, carpenters in their profession require numerous tools in day to day routine, thereby this type of jeans are generally called “Carpenter Jeans”. In looks they are baggy and loose circling the legs providing ...

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Why you should always have black jeans in your collection?

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Jeans or should we say denims have been around for as long as we remember. Never in their wildest dreams did, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss would have thought that their masterpiece would still be the trend, some 142 years on. But that’s the truth. If there was one clothing piece that sits atop on the clothing tier, then that’d ...

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Keeping it raw naked and famous denims

Naked and famous denim are the one of the finest production created in the most valuable mills of Japan. They are made from the rare and unique fabric which is from Japan. Naked and famous denims are tagged to be the best and most expensive denims in the world. The production of naked and famous denims is a process to ...

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Ripped jeans for women – acceptable?

The only constant factor in fashion industry is change. This means that it continuously changes with time. Sometimes the change is so subtle that it is hardly noticeable while sometimes the change is so loud that the world hears it. Some fashion trends came and disappeared in thin air as they were not able to make a mark in the ...

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Tips for selecting high waist jeans

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Jeans are always in fashion be it straight, boot cut or skinny, everybody desires pair jeans. Buying jeans will be nerve-wracking and daunting with a number of selections. Once shopping for any sort of jean, High-waist skinny jeans produce a contemporary, refined look after they match well and try with the proper components. However, these jeans gift their own set ...

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Reflect your style and personality with armani jeans

Armani jeans a designer pair of jeans formed in the year 1981 by Giorgio Armani. It is a range of Denims which has a lot of designs and you should not expect simplicity from an Armani’s signature jeans. With every new season the designers come up with new and fresh designs which capture the mood of the buyer perfectly. The ...

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Carrying the super skinny jeans and jeggings

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The great dialogue still rages on. Even if jeggings are control of the road fashion world and anchor themselves sure the long-term, there are still detractors decrying their ugliness each probability they get. With each designs being therefore similar, it is simple to induce lost during an ocean of skinnies. The classic super skinny jeans is tighter than a straight ...

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Maternity jeans for pregnant women

Maternity clothing is designed for the pregnant women who are facing trouble due a change in body shape. Only soft and light weight dresses are appreciated by the pregnant women. Ladies dress designers design loose dresses especially for these women. Denim jeans is one of the most liked dress by the pregnant women. MATERNITY JEANS DESIGNERS; There are very few ...

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Jean Skirt : A ‘DYING’ COUTURE?

A BRIEF DELVE INTO HISTORY The word ‘Jeans’ has become a household name long before the skirt variation came to be. Jacob Davis and Levis Strauss (sounds familiar?) brought jeans to be in the late 18th century and miners were even the targeted users. I wonder if those two men would have envisaged what they patent has become today. However, ...

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