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Different styles of pencil skirts

Shopping is undoubtedly a very rewarding and joyful experience. Especially, when it comes to women’s outfits, the choices are limitless. However, things can get a little confusing when you need to buy clothes that you need to wear in office. If you want to look glamorous and professional at the same time, pencil skirts can be an excellent choice. The ...

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Enrich your fashion buds with pink skirt

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There are many things in life that make you to feel smart. And there are many things that cause you to feel young. The black dog skirt causes you to feel each smart and young. We are talking about the pink skirt. This time however it is the pink poodle skirt from the old movies.  Even if you are not ...

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Few things with Circle Skirt

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A circle skirt is nothing but a normal skirt with bigger circumference. No skirt can give comfort like a circle skirt. It is so free that legs are restricted for movement at all. No this could be many women’s favorite outfit. A circle skirt could be short or long, also depending on the fabric used it could give a totally ...

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The different varieties of long skirts for women

Long skirts can make a woman look elegant and chic and are a fashion that will remain for long. They are a must have outfit in any woman’s wardrobe. Apart from being trendy, they are also very versatile and come in a variety of beautiful designs and styles. They would look beautiful on all body types and the most common ...

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Jean Skirt : A ‘DYING’ COUTURE?

A BRIEF DELVE INTO HISTORY The word ‘Jeans’ has become a household name long before the skirt variation came to be. Jacob Davis and Levis Strauss (sounds familiar?) brought jeans to be in the late 18th century and miners were even the targeted users. I wonder if those two men would have envisaged what they patent has become today. However, ...

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Why modern girls prefer to put on lace skirts

It’s well known fact that the most admirable part of girl’s body is their legs. If they are well shaped, opposite gender automatically get attracted towards them. And think if they are exposed guys tend to get attracted towards that girl. It’s one of the reason, new generation girls would love to wear tights. Some smart girls love to wear ...

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Over-drawn strawling maxi skirts

Decades have passed witnessing women in skirts. Length of the skirt kept on changing according to the trend of that era. From kissing the floor length to the one hanging between knees and thighs, all of them are been experienced by women throughout decades. Well, it would not wrong to say that nowadays the definition of fashion has changed a ...

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sequin skirt warehouse+tinsel+sequin+skirt qesmdei

When it comes to put some sparkles on your appearance as you step out then think about having sequin on your outfit. Sequins are now made of plastic and they can be either sewn or glued to a fabric- so, if you have ‘this’ favorite skirt of yours that you feel would look good with some sequins: get sequins, thread ...

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black skirt previous next uzjolvh

For a lady beauty enthusiast and anyone who minds her looks, a black skirt is no doubt one of those versatile pieces that shouldn’t miss in wardrobe. Having a knee-length black skirt together with carefully chosen tops that match well with it will be pretty best for most occasions. However, you need to look stylish in the way you dress ...

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Why Denim skirts

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The hottest skirts in town today are known as denim. There are for all genders that are for men and women. They have a lasting fabric which is durable in nature ensure it maintains its figure and fitness although worn several times. Denim skirts are of different sizes there is long one which are mostly preferred in the summer season ...

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