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Dresses for kids – kids dresses

Dresses for kids – kids dresses

Garments for kids have a very broad horizon and include various categories of clothes suitable for children of various ages, thus, in order to give a brief analysis on the type, designs and trends for kids clothing a broader spectrum has to be brought under consideration. While, selecting clothes for your children, the major features that play an important role include; quality, price, comfort and material etc. Certain categories into which these dresses are classified are as under;


Trends being adapted nowadays include bonnie jeans with turkey tunics, jacquard dot hooded puffer jackets, striped sweaters, legging sets, long sleeved tribal tunics and various summer suits etc. For girls of 7-16 years of age include fleece shirts, bonnie jeans and denim jeans with tank tops.


For toddler boys various fleece styled jackets and uppers are available, khaki corduroy pants, pajama suits and jogger pants are also in fashion.


Besides designing dresses for elder boys and girls, manufacturers also design toddler clothing. These are basically made with very soft and delicate fabric. Usually fleece and pure cotton is used to make these dresses. The kid dresses for toddlers include jump suits, simple frocks, rompers, sport wears along with comfy leggings for the toddlers.

These kid’s dresses are the best source of revenue generator for the kids garment industry. It has been estimated that some of the famous brands in the kids dresses like Ralph Lauren, Polo and Guess capture a huge share of the market in kid dresses industry.

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