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Long pants, the longer, the merrier

Long pants, the longer, the merrier

You can have your own definition of long pants, but it is something that is as long up to your feet, unlike the much in trend ankle-length pants, Capri pants, and Shorts. Commonly known as a trouser, it is being in use since ancient times by both males and females. It has been one of the commonly used forms of lower-body clothing.

Today, fashions change every day and it’s essential to keep your wardrobe updated with the latest trends. With so many famous types of bottoms being sold around, it might get difficult to choose among the types and styles.

The two main terms linked with choosing the best piece of clothing for yourself is ‘fashion’ and ‘comfort’, and there are various brands that would give you the option of choosing both, together. You just have to decide on the utility and move ahead with your choice.


Trousers or pants were replaced by jeans that were denim based. They are now more in trend, mostly as a casual dress. The office people however still opt for the cotton pant option, to carry their formal outlook. It can have various variants like baggy, slim, skinny, regular, tapered, straight etc and people opt for it as per their choices. Both men and women find it easy to carry on a regular basis.

We can hardly imagine the trend of jeans to have an end.


I’ve never seen a man wearing a palazzo pant, so surely it is a trending fashion in women. A palazzo pant has a loose cut and a wide leg. In the 1960’s and 1970’s , palazzo pants were a trend . It can surely make you fall into a comfort zone during the summer season. Being loose, it is quite easy and comfortable to carry and doesn’t cling to the skin. Palazzo pants come in bold colours. When you are sick of jeans, it is sure to bring in some liveliness to your wardrobe. Palazzo’s can be paired with anything like a buttoned shirt, a simple tee or even with a coat.

Cargo Pants

If you are too fond of outdoor activities like hiking and trekking, cargo pants are the appropriate choice for you. Because they are baggy, they allow you free movements and the large number of pockets allows you to keep your hands free with the utility space provided in the pants! They were originally created for the military, but are now carried off by both men and women.

Yoga/Sweat pants

Yoga or sweat pants are usually designed for the people who sweat out their bodies. They are designed to keep you comfortable and dry during your workout sessions. They are elastic and hence have become a hearty choice for clothing otherwise.

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