The exclusive fashion icon for young people: the white wedge shoes

Wedge shoes are one of the hottest fashion among all young and college going girls. These are available in many styles, colors and designs. The pure white wedge shoes on soft, creamy legs provide a classy look and decorate your personality with four stars. Whether you are dressing a skirt or a legging, white wedges shoes are enough to appeal ...

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25+ best bohemian dresses ideas on pinterest | boho dress, tyvpplo

From the term bohemian dresses, we mean the dresses and styles that were adopted by people living in conventional style in olden days. In ladies wear, these dresses include long skirts, gowns and frocks with different floral and other prints. The women bohemian dresses include the following styles, Bandage dresses Long sleeves winter dresses Maternity dresses Attractive styles with laces ...

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Must have types of jackets for men

As a man, you need to make sure that you are well equipped when it comes to fashion. A man who knows how to handle his fashion needs is a very classic man. When it comes to jackets, you will find that there are numerous types of jackets out there. Jacket usually go well with the different types of weather ...

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Pros of platform heels

platform heels wednesday chunky platforms heels ($40) ❤ liked on polyvore featuring mnmdyla

A good number of women are currently confused by the continued rise in the number of women shoes. As a matter of fact, there is a new type of women shoe that is introduced on a daily basis. Every woman who wants to look good has got multiple choices of shoes to go for. The most notable shoes that are ...

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Tips for choosing prom suits

While it was only the females that used to dress-up, apply makeup and get all the matching accessories for the prom, the times have changed now. Boys too, need to look equally fascinating for their prom. If you are a boy who is about to attend the prom and don’t really have an experience of buying prom suits, this guide ...

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The popularity of the man bag

Today in this contemporary world, man bags are said to be an essential part of the menswear collection. The sale of a man bag has been increased significantly in the past 5-6 years. One of the most important reason for the growing sales of man bags is that the offices are seen to be mobilized, one needs to carry their ...

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Lace Dress tips

love poem ivory lace dress 1 xbmukeg

Lace dresses will always represent a great fashion option when properly worn with some fashion tricks. They are obviously one of the most feminine brand that can bring charm and attraction. Generally, lace dresses should be selected according to one’s size and form. Supplementary dress Lace dresses are unique because they are just perfect and beautiful by themselves but sometimes ...

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vintage fur coats for ladies (23) kffnkfe

Value for money is what every buyer seeks to achieve when buying any item. We all love luxury and are looking forward to having as many luxurious items as possible. In the recent past, fur coats have gained popularity, and everyone wants to have as many of these as they can afford. Indeed, the coats are luxurious and investment because ...

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Formal shoes wearing tips

Formal shoes are among the most common shoes that are available on the market today. You can find them anywhere on the face of the planet. But, most people do not usually know when they should wear formal shoes. In case you also fall into this category of people, consider the following formal shoe wearing tips. National events Most national ...

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Top Red Carpet Dresses of All time

red carpet dresses emmys 2015 best red-carpet dresses for mwkrgnl

Nearly every lady crave for Red carpet dresses in their life, the main reason can be many like celebrities preference to the dress make one more glamorous and elegant. The red carpet dress comes in variety of shapes and sizes. The price has been ranging in relation to designers status in the fashion industry. This dress comes best when worn ...

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