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Peppy peplum tops

Peppy peplum tops

In older times, the peplum was basically a top attached with a skirt or lowers. While by the time, the peplum was extracted out from a dress to a top form. It is trendy since 30’s and 40’s. Although like all other fashions, the peplums also experienced ins and outs of fashion. Despite of that, it is now available in markets with more alluring styles.


The peplum top or peplum style is actually for underlining the waist that is to present and/or to highlight a slick waist. While the top down the waistline is more like a furbelow. Hemlines are usually in a frilly pattern and are wandering around the pelvis.


These days, frolicking peplum tops are trending in markets. It is good for hot summer season and also looks great with a jacket on top in winters.

  • You can pair it with miniskirts or shorts. Take a pair of knee length boots with the outfit.
  • Have it on with along maxi floral or printed skirt. It will also do charms on a beach party.
  • Wear it along with pants for a casual cool chic appearance.
  • Tights with peplum tops also look very peppy and lively.
  • Put on a peplum top with a trouser and take a pullover on it, good for a casual hangout.
  • To carry a jacket or cardigan on peplum tops in cool wintery season is yet another good idea.
  • Cinching a peplum top from the waistline with a decent ornamental belt is also trending a lot these days.

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